Let Your Imagination Free

Have you always wanted to be able to draw freely?

Do you crave a moment to calm your mind and allow your imagination to flow?

Join us for an amazing 4-week class and grow your skill. You will learn a variety of drawing techniques that spur creativity, break out of the artist’s block, and let go of self-limitation. The opportunity to expand your creativity and open your imagination in invaluable.

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Course Overview

Use your favorite tools to work on a still life image or shop the class materials list. The class includes some creativity and drawing exercises, including info from teacher and illustrator, Lynda Barry.

This 4 week course covers the basics of doodling and starts building your skill and joy. We will consider how doodling helps with creativity and memory, as well as developing your observational drawing skills.

You’ll experiment with the various types of marks that can be made with pens, pencils (graphite & water soluble), and ink, and how those marks behave on different types of paper. You’ll leave the class with all the tools you need to confidently doodle — and even doodle in public!


The human ability to create is hardwired into our genetics. Everyone is creative and has the capacity to posses different brainsets and create new and novel ideas. Indulge your creative self!


I teach art as a way of seeing things differently. Doodle Like An Artist is not an art class, it is a exploration of consciousness while staying in flow with the practice of doodling. Learning to doodle like an artist opens your mind to allow imagination without judgement.


What does dreaming, drawing, and meditating have in common? They give you the ability to explore a limited state of consciousness. Making art produces calming hormones and causes creative solutions to appear.

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Loyal Doodlers Have Said

"Thanks for D.Lisa for organizing these events. It is such a great idea and help me to create a simple piece each week. For me, it's always hard to get started. I'm looking for a chip in button to contribute to your flower fund..." -Helen

I want to thank [D.Lisa] for being an encouraging, kind, and funny host! I honestly had no idea what to expect coming into the event and I had such a great time seeing everyone share their work, admiring the different styles, and having a laugh! It was also very calming for me to focus on my own drawings too- it gave me a moment away from the anxiety and stress I have every day. I hope to make it to future sessions, thank you again for your work!...It's a great moment to share with other people and I enjoy seeing other people's creations so much! -Sophie

"Today was my first day attending your group, and it was wonderful. I'll definitely be back. Thank you very much, D.Lisa, for all the work you put into this group. It's a wonderful gift to all of us."

"Thank you so much and I'm (sure many others as well) are grateful for you creating this space for us. Thank goodness for the creatives like you during this pandemic. I believe it's saving wo(mankind)..." -Regina

"I wanted to let you know that the sessions inspired me to draw pictures of animated animals to send in mail to my 2 year old grandson. Very basic jungle animal scenes taken from internet pics. I am enjoying the process and he likes getting mail! Thanks for your class as I did not know if I would like doodling. It is a way for me to connect with him besides skype. -Terri

Discover the technique that’s perfect for you

As an artist who doodles daily, D.Lisa loves sharing her passion with others. It’s a great way to relax. No pressure to make anything perfect, in fact, the less perfect the better!